On November 14th, the Spanish division of The League of Professional Theatre Women had his first event in Madrid. The gala was called ACTÚA and it gathered theatre women from all regions in Spain.

The Spanish Division of the LPTW was founded by Beatriz Cabur, Yolanda Dorado, Conchita Piña and Inge Martín San Juan on World Theatre Day, 2016. Right now, it counts with more than 6000 women among its members. Click here to become a member of The League of Professional Theatre Women – Spain.

The LPTW-Spain is still directed by Beatriz Cabur, Yolanda Dorado and Conchita Piña but after Inge Martín San Juan had to step out of her role, Belén Santa-Olalla took over and is doing the best possible job. Still four amazing professional theatre women working to make change happen!

The gala was hosted by the gorgeous and talented Carolina Lapausa and Xenia Sevillano, they delivered Inge Martín San Juan script with lots of energy and joy. Both actresses created a fun environment for us all to enjoy the gala.

The musical group “The Funamviolistas” created a specific show for the gala in which they went through their experiences as women in the industry and how that impacted their careers. A story of deception and overcoming that had a profound impact on our audience.

Marinma Dorado, first in the right in the picture, is a professional coach who took us all through an amazing journey of self discovery and empowerment. The audience was raging during her performance and lots of women contacted her after the gala to try and work together. It was a true networking event made possible by The Spanish Division of The League of Professional Theatre Women.

Big round of applause to all women involved in this show!!

All the pictures in this article were taken by CARLOS NÚÑEZ DE ARENAS

ACTÚA was supported by the SGAE, Stroke 114, The Theatre Times, NITEcorp and Jameson Whiskey.

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